Restaurant & Catering & Gourmet Flair
Combining science and art to produce perfect, profitable catering.

What we can do for you

Let us take care of the industrial science for you – providing robust, reliable, multi income-generating equipment. You add the vital gourmet flair & artistry.

The result is joyous, trouble-free catering, solid investments, popular restaurants & canteens and memorable meals.

Our range
Our name – Omni – describes our range. We do everything from Restaurant & Catering equipment to food preparation, cooking, serving, scullery, and storage equipment. We offer functional, well-priced, aesthetically designed and carefully finished equipment – from the smallest to the biggest item. From Electric Doner Kebab Knife, Hand Mixer, Electric Grill, Multi-Functional Stand Mixer, Commercial Immersion Blender

How we do it
We have been established for years, Dealing with us means dealing with a stable, experienced team whose vision embraces long-term relationships with our customers. We want to help our customers fulfill their dreams.

Our infrastructure
We are big enough to handle any order and personal enough to always give our smallest client undivided attention and best service. We have a 30000 square meter factory, and we are currently constructing a new gas manufacturing factory in the other city. We have showrooms in Guangzhou and HongKong, enabling us to provide one-stop catering equipment shopping.

Our Mission
To manufacture and source both local and global catering equipment that will contribute significantly to our client’s profitability. To ensure that these items are always readily available, and delivered without delays. To keep all the promises we make – and back this up with after-sales service, and prompt attention to any queries and customer satisfaction issues.