September 2018

Rotisserie A Whole Chicken

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There are few delights like a great rotisserie chicken—that thin skin that has browned and crisped in the bird's own slowly rendering fat is something to live life for. If you also like to grill chicken, please check the recipe below. Ingredients 1 whole chicken, about 4 pounds 2 tablespoons Kosher salt 2 tablespoons butter, [...]

August 2018

How To Get a SIM Card While Visiting China

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Step 1: Unlock your phone before visiting China What's an "unlocked phone"? What you may not realize is that when you purchased your phone, it was attached to the specific carrier you used, especially if that carrier subsidized the phone. Not sure if your phone is unlocked? Here's a quick tip: unless you paid full [...]

June 2018

Few Benefits of using Catering Equipment

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If you are planning to join catering service, you will need the right equipment and utensils and a plethora of knowledge how a catering business works actually.Here are a few benefits of using catering equipment that compel you to invest in these modern instruments and take your food business one step ahead of competitors. 1.Efficient [...]

4 Delicious Things You Can Do with Your Stored Food

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As we all know in our busy schedule sometimes we don’t have enough time to go out for doing a grocery. So in that situation we have to make a food by using things that are already present in pour fridge. So here in this article we are discussing few delicious food recipes that we [...]

Quick And Easy Grilled Vegetables

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How to grill vegetables? Here are the vegetable preparations and grilling time instructions for ten popular veggies. When you grill vegetables, an electric grill with timer is the most important. I think KeyTop Vertical BBQ Grill is a good choice for you. And low to medium-low heat is the best,so the vegetables should be nice and tender, [...]

Pressure Cooker Red Chicken

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You can consider serving the red chicken drumsticks alongside stir-fried vegetables,instead of serving it totally retro chicken over salad leaves. The smoky stir-fry and this sweet and sour sauce will go together quite well. Ingredients Chicken drumsticks 6-8 pieces, cleaned and salted Tomato ketchup 3/4 cup White Vinegar 1 cup Ginger 1-inch piece Garlic 6-7 [...]

May 2018

How to Use Electric Knife Sets

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It is true that the best way to preserve the life of your electric knife is to only use them for what they are made for cutting and slicing food. Which is why using them for arts, crafts, and as a multi-purpose tool is not very common. But for those who want value for money [...]

Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport Transportation Tips

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Airport Shuttle Bus There are eleven shuttle bus lines supplying convenient transportation for passengers between Baiyun Airport and the downtown area; and four special lines to Foshan, Shunde, Nanhai, and Longshan. The boarding spots are located at Gate A1, A2, and A12 of International Arrival Hall; and Gate B3, B4, and B5 of Domestic Arrival [...]

The Three Crucial Investments in Cafe Equipment

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When starting up a cafe, there are a number of crucial equipment investments that must be made to ensure your business runs smoothly and efficiently. Here are the top 3 we recommend you invest in. 1.Commercial Refrigerator How many coffees does your cafe prepare on a daily basis? We’re guessing a lot! With many beverages [...]

April 2018

Tips For Cleaning Your Ice Machine

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As we all know ice machines are very easy to attract bacteria. Even if you clean your ice machine diligently, many customers are aware of the safety concerns and their own health. So it’s important to review how to properly clean your ice machine. When to clean In addition to regular maintenance, your machine should [...]

How the Right Dishwasher Can Benefit Your Commercial Kitchen

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Trying to save money by buying a cheap commercial dishwasher or washing dishes by hand can end up costing your business. By selecting a quality dishwasher for your commercial kitchenvyou save time and money. The ideal dishwasher for your business will last between 5-10 years and will result in gleaming, hygienic finishes, and great time [...]

Food and Buffet Warmers: A Guide to Warming Stations

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Restaurants, caterers and event planners have long relied on chafing dishes to keep food warm for guests, but the effectiveness of the classic chafing dish has made it a victim of its own success. For years, banquets have trotted out the same food and buffet warmers, and sometimes this makes the design of an event [...]

Tips to Ensure Food Safety for food business

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One of the major concerns for food businesses is to ensure food safety. When setting the food-related business, it is important to fulfill all the health and safety requirements. It is not possible to run a successful food business without ensuring the food safety. Food storage plays a critical role in making sure that food [...]

Zucchini Noodles with Cherry Tomatoes

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Today, I want to introduce a delicious food to you which takes you 30 minutes only. Zucchini Noodles with Cherry Tomatoes Total time: 30 minutes Ingredients: 1 zucchini or summer squash, about 8″ (20cm) long 1 large red onion, thinly sliced 2 cloves garlic, minced 1 cup cherry tomatoes, quartered handful fresh basil leaves, finely [...]

March 2018

Top Shipping Ports in China

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1.Port of Shanghai This includes Yangshan Deep Water Port & Waigaoqiao Shipping Terminals and it’s been operated by Shanghai International Port (Group) Co., Ltd. The port now handles over 35 million Twenty-foot Equivalent Unit containers per year and it keeps growing with more plans on ground to increase its capacity. 2.Port of Shenzhen It includes [...]

Organising your commercial kitchen for peak times

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In restaurants and hotels, commercial kitchens will experience peak times, staffs are stretched and the focus is on keeping up quality service for customers. Through advanced planning and expert design, refits or specific upgrades can make these times easier to handle successfully.Here’s some top advice from our team on organizing your commercial kitchen for peak [...]

How do you sharpen a Kebab electric knife?

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Electric kebab knives are handheld meat cutting devices with a small diameter blade which spins an angle perpendicular to the handle. The blade is often equipped with a guard or guide that allows the user to set the thickness of the meat being sliced. The guard, blade and handle detach from one another for cleaning [...]

Tips for Cleaning Commercial Kitchen Equipment

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Cleanliness is critical for a food business as you do not want to serve the customers contaminated food. The success of catering business depends on the quality of food that you are offering. The kitchen is the center of food service business so make sure that it is thoroughly clean. Cleaning a commercial kitchen is [...]

Storing Dairy Products: What You Need to Know?

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Almost all of the food products are perishable. If you fail to provide the perfect storage conditions for the food products then you would end up wasting a lot of food. If you want to save your food and the money, then make sure that you know how to properly handle and store different types [...]

Maintaince of Catering Equipment

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Hopefully, when you bought your catering equipment you took out a warranty in case of malfunction. Catering equipment often breaks down thanks to poor maintenance. This is most commonly down to a lack of servicing on a frequent basis. If you have not bothered servicing your catering equipment frequently, then you only have yourself to [...]

February 2018

Who invented the gyro?

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Gyros, as we know them today, are thought to have evolved from the traditional “Doner Kebab” of Turkey. Gyro is probably the most often mispronounced food name. Even its fans usually do not get the pronounced correctly – whether it is mispronounced as “jee-RoHS,” “Jai-RoHS,” “gee-RoHS,” The correct Greek pronunciation is “yee-RoHS.” The varied names [...]

Try these secrets to making the best kebab

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Originating in the Eastern Mediterranean, the kebab (also sometimes referred to as ‘kebob’, ‘kabab’, ‘shishkebab’ and other similar names) has become popular around the world (as evidenced by the many different names). Traditionally consisting of bits of lamb roasting on a skewer over a grill or open flame, the kebab has expanded to include a [...]

3 Useful Tips to Help You Find the Right Supplier in China

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China is a huge country with many cities that offer different manufacturing capabilities. Some cities are good for electronics. Some are good for textiles. Some are only good for making super cheap stuff.How to find the right supplier for your business is the most important thing before you go to start. In this article, I’m [...]

The 16th Guangzhou International Hospitality Supplies Fair

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Over 15 years, HOSFAIR has always been focusing on the hotel supplies industry and working hard for the prosperous development of the industry. Now, the 16th Guangzhou International Hospitality Supplies Fair is setting out. We will provide you with the top feast again at Zone A, China Import & Export Fair Complex on Sept.7-9, 2018! [...]

January 2018

Fast and Easy Pasta With Blistered Cherry Tomato Sauce Recipe

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Cherry tomatoes are almost always sweeter, riper, and higher in pectin than larger tomatoes at the supermarket. All of these factors mean that cherry tomatoes are fantastic for making a rich, thick, flavorful sauce. Even better: It takes only four ingredients and about 10 minutes, start to finish—less time than it takes to cook the [...]

Ten tips on importing from China

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In January 2017, China was the second largest importer into the UK (behind Germany) worth £3.68 billion. There are a lot of things you will have to consider while importing. This may range from managing long-distance relationships to organizing international transport and customs clearance. If you are considering importing from China, please read the following [...]

What To Look For When Buying Electric Grills

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Electric grills use a hot coil for heat. Often made from an alloy of nickel and chromium called nichrome, when a current is passed through it the nichrome resist the flow, gets hot, and glows. Although George Foreman, Cuisinart, Grundig, Coleman, Char-Broil, and even Weber call their electric devices "grills", there is no combustion, flame, [...]

December 2017

How to find a good supplier in China?

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The best suppliers (except stock supplier)which can provide you the best price : 1. Must have a Genuine factory 2. Must have a low producing cost 3. Good quality production I explain one on one.As Below 1. Genuine factory. Every one know that the price directly come from factory is better .So we don’t like [...]

Doing business in Guangzhou, China

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China’s population numbers a staggering 1.4 billion. The country’s gross domestic product increased by 7.4 per cent in 2014 to an estimated $10.3trn (£6.8trn). And, while growth is slowing, the government recently announced 300 infrastructure projects worth $1.1trn this year in order to shore things up. Overall, the lure of such a burgeoning economy should [...]

November 2017